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Arctic Green Energy Corporation was founded with the mission of exporting the Icelandic success and leadership in geothermal and other renewables to the emerging markets of Asia through building up local companies within its targets markets.

The largest company in the portfolio is Sinopec Green Energy (www.sinopecge.com), a JV with China’s Sinopec that was established in 2006. Sinopec Green Energy has become the world’s largest geothermal district heating company with 700 employees, having built up 160 heat centrals across 20 cities/counties in China and drilled over 200 wells. Most of the company’s activities have been in Hebei, Shaanxi and Shandong provinces, with Tianjin and other areas currently being added. To date, Sinopec Green Energy has saved 1 million tons of CO2 emissions, equal to the planting of 7,1 million trees. Sinopec Green Energy is expanding to other branches of geothermal such as power production and co-generation with other green energies such as solar and wind. SGE was the first geothermal heating company to be accepted into the UN Clean Development Mechanism (carbon trading scheme).  Among Arctic Green Energy’s past projects is the development of a 50MW geothermal power station in Biliran Province in the Philippines which the company has already exited. A new venture is being launched in Vietnam in collaboration with a strong local company.

Apart from extensive geothermal operations, our current portfolio now also includes waste heat utilization- and energy efficiency projects based on the EMC model, and the first solar investments are being prepared.



Arion Bank is a leading Icelandic bank offering universal financialservices to companies, institutional investors and   individuals.These services include corporate and retail banking, investment banking, capital markets services, treasury services, asset management and comprehensive wealth management for private  banking clients. Arion Bank has its main operations in the Reykjavík capital area and has a national branch network covering all the main municipalities in Iceland. The Bank has a strong focus on the Icelandic geothermal industry and is a supporter of The Iceland Geothermal project.                                                                


Landsvirkjun is one of the largest renewable electricity generator in Europe and the largest one in Iceland. The company is owned by the Icelandic state and is a leader in the sustainable use of renewable energy resources. By utilizing 100% renewable energy, hydropower and geothermal energy, we process three quarters of all electricity used in Iceland, for both domestic and industrial use.

           Founded in 1965, the company now operates 14 hydropower stations, two wind turbines for research purposes and two geothermal power stations. The 17th power station, Theistareykir Geothermal Station, is in the process of being built and scheduled to commence in autumn 2017.
           2015 was a record year in which the company’s total electricity generation was 13,9 TWh. Our success is built on our ambition to develop our expertise in the field and our commitment to working in harmony with nature and society. Today geothermal energy accounts for a small part of the electricity produced by Landsvirkjun but in recent years the company has been exploring the possibilities of a more diverse utilization in geothermal areas. 



Reykjavik Energy is the largest single provider to the fact that around 85% of all primary energy use in Iceland is from renewable resources. The Company is a public utility that provides geothermal heating to three quarters of the population of Iceland. We also distribute electricity to about half the population and operate extensive water works, sewerage and a data utility. We distribute geothermal water from high and low temperature fields for domestic heating at a high and constant temperature all year round. Our geothermal district heating, which now exceeds 2,500 km. in combined length, has reached the age of 85. Good stewardship of the natural resources is a key to this long-standing successful operation. That has been based on constant scientific improvements and innovation in utilization and system management. All the company’s operations are independently certified to be in accordance with international standards. Reykjavik Energy is the sole owner of Our Nature, Iceland’s largest producer of electricity and heat from geothermal resources.

Our Nature - ON is a world leading power company that produces electricity, primarily from renewable geothermal resources and serves more than half of the population of Iceland with electricity and heat. Our power plants at Nesjavellir and Hellisheiði generate electricity and hot water by extracting geothermal water and steam from boreholes and conducting it through turbines and heat exchangers at the plants. Both of them are in the Hengill geothermal area which is one of the most generous high-temperature areas in Iceland. Nesjavellir was commissioned in 1990 and has a production capacity of 120 MW of electricity and 300 MW of thermal power. The first phase of Hellisheiði commenced operations in 2006, with current production capacity of 303 MW of electricity and 133 MW of thermal power. In recent years, pioneering studies have been conducted at the Hellisheiði plant especially in respect to even further reducing environmental impact of geothermal utilization.



Reykjavik Geothermal Limited is a geothermal development company founded in 2008. The Company is focused on the development of high enthalpy geothermal resources for utility scale power production. RG specifically identifies and targets locations where quality geothermal resources can be efficiently harnessed to meet the local demand for power and clean dependable energy. RG was founded in Iceland by a proven team of experienced geothermal experts. RG management has been responsible for projects in over 30 countries including spearheading the development of one of the world’s largest geothermal power plants in Hellisheidi, Iceland. The Company’s technical capability has been matched by an in-house group of expert and experienced multinational finance professionals. This team ensures the company’s ability to navigate the complications of geothermal development and power plant finance. These capabilities make RG the preferred entity for the development of geothermal resources anywhere around the world.