IGC 2016
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The III GGDP Roundtable

ESMAP is organizing the III GGDP Roundtable in partnership with the Iceland Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Roundtable will be held in Reykjavik on April 25-26, 2016, back-to-back with the Iceland Geothermal Conference (IGC 2016) that will take place on April 26-29.


Day 1 will start with a presentation by the National Energy Authority of Iceland on the history of public support to geothermal development in Iceland, which has evolved over time. This will be followed by three panel discussions on specific examples on the different roles played by governments to help catalyze investment and private sector capital mobilization - Government as Guarantor in Early Project Development, Government as Developer of Geothermal Projects, and Government as Shareholder in Geothermal Projects. Representatives from over ten developing countries will share their experiences in advancing the development of geothermal power projects following different models of public and private sector engagement, depending on the specific country context.

Day 2 will be organized around a number of  sessions/clinics on specific “practical” issues were industry and government experts from Iceland will present and respond to specific requests for information from participants. Topics under consideration include: Geothermal direct use applications, Management of CO2 and other geothermal gases, Management of a drilling program, Upstream exploration work and data acquisition, Geothermal resource assessment, or Contracts structure and management.

Participants will include government representatives, private investors, technical experts and multilateral and bilateral development partners.

About ESMAP:

The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) is a global knowledge and technical assistance program administered by the World Bank.  It provides analytical and advisory services to low- and middle-income countries to increase their know-how and institutional capacity to achieve environmentally sustainable energy solutions for poverty reduction and economic growth. Supporting over a hundred activities in countries around the world at any given time, ESMAP is an integral part of the Energy and Extractives Global Practice of the World Bank.

For more information about ESMAP, please click here.

About the Global Geothermal Development Plan:

The Global Geothermal Development Plan (GGDP) was formally announced by World Bank Group Managing Director Sri Mulyani in Reykjavik (Iceland), on March 6, 2013. The GGDP is an ambitious initiative by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) and other multilateral and bilateral development partners to transform the energy sector of developing countries by scaling up the use of geothermal power. The GGDP differs from previous efforts in that it focuses on the primary obstacle to geothermal expansion: the cost and risk of exploratory drilling.

For more information about the Global Geothermal Development Plan, please click here