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Iceland Geothermal Conference - IGC2010

The 1.November 2010 the first Iceland Geothermal Conference was held in  Háskólabíó. 

Main objective of the conference was to introduce the results of the cluster mapping phase 2009 - 2010. The Key speaker was dr. Michael Porter, professor at the Harvard Business School. 

The lectures of the IGC 2010 and their presentations can be reached enclosed:

Dr. Michael Porter – Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness Harvard Business School

-  The Geothermal Cluster: Enhancing Competitiveness and Creating a new Engine of Icelandic Growth

Dr. Christian Ketels – Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness Harvard Business School
– Profile of the Icelandic Geothermal Cluster

Dr. Hörður Arnarson – Landsvirkjun
– The Geothermal Cluster : The Role of Energy Companies

Stefán Pétursson – Arion Bank
 – The Geothermal Cluster: The Role of Financial Institutions – a new approach in Iceland 

Emiliano Duch – Competitiveness ltd
– A case study of a successful cluster policy. Learnings for the Icelandic geothermal cluster