IGC 2016
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About IGC

The story behind the event

The event Iceland Geothermal conference is a result of the Iceland Geothermal Cluster inititative that started originally in October 2009

After mapping the geothermal cluster in Iceland in collaboration with the Icelandic consultancy Gekon, Professor Michael Porter and his team at Harvard Business School recommended an optimal path to take to strengthen the infrastructure within the geothermal sector in Iceland. In a workshop held in Reykjavik in May 2011 the idea of an international conference in the name of the cluster cooperation came up. A steering committee was formed and after extensive research it was decided to create an international event,

3rd Iceland Geothermal Conference 
Iceland Geothermal Conference and that it should take place in Reykjavik, Iceland during spring time every third or second year.The first one took place in Háskólabíó, November 1st 2010, when Professor Michael Porter announced its results of the mapping phase.  The 2nd on was held in 2013 and took place March 5–8. And the third one is taken place in 26 - 29th of April 2016. The keywords of the conference are Operability, Feasibility and Practicality which refere to the key aspects of the geothermal energy projects and their value chain.

The overall theme of the Iceland Geothermal Conference is to share effective methods and best practice running geothermal projects, learn how to make the best out of it and explore ways to increase value of practical suggestions ability. 

Location of IGC 2016
The special position of IGC 2016 consists in the proximity to the geothermal areas, easy access to Icelandic geothermal experts, hand-selected speakers from all around the world, who ensure the quality of the content of the conference and first-class facilities.
The conference topics reflect three main trends all of which address different areas of geothermal projects, i.e. geothermal  and operation (Exploration), the
feasibility of geothermal projects (Feasibility) and finally multi practical ability to be find in geothermal resources (Pracitcality).

Rich Content and Great Opportunities
During the conference program, among other things a field trip will be offered to nearby geothermal areas in order to enhance the event experience. Concurrently with the conference an exhibition area will be set up where cluster members get the opportunity to promote their services and expertise. In addition, a brokerage event will be offered where the buyer and seller get the opportunity to establish business and/or relationships which
could conceivably lead to new projects.

IGC 2016 will bring together respected experts from all around the world and provides opportunities for networking and exchange of knowledge in all fields of the geothermalvalue chain.